I was gonna do this yesterday but got a little distracted by a little thing like winning a trip to Jamaica!!  Yeah baby!  Thank you all for your comments, yesterday was a complete blast!!

1.  Ty now 100% truly and honestly believes he is famous.  But, he was not happy I taped him on the sly and bargained for use of it here on the blog.  He could have asked for much more on his side of the bargain, I got what I wanted pretty easy.  I think his reaction was priceless.  Too bad the clip cut off before he picked up his backpack, tossed it into the air and then stopped cold and said "WAIT, ARE YOU FILMING ME!?"  hahahaha!

2.  You know who is fabulous?  Teagan.  He is the king of eye contact.  He loves the camera.  He and I were M.F.E.O. (Made For Each Other)  Here’s proof:


3.  Sometimes I wonder if this blog is a true representation of our lives.  You know, the good, the bad and the ugly.  I post lots of good, a little funny, every now and then a bad, but where is the ugly?  Well, my normally wonderful dear husband decided to say something ugly the other morning before I’d even gotten out of bed.  Not the nicest way to wake up.  My first response was to glare at him in the back of his big, bald head.  My second and last response was to tell him "I like pretty flowers".  Being a pretty smart guy, he didn’t come home empty handed.  All I know is that the next time "ugly" appears in our house, my reply will be "I like big, bright, shiny diamonds".

4.  I’m dying to show you guys our new and improved back porch.  It got all pretty over Mother’s Day weekend.  I’m just waiting on the arrival of our new bird feeder.  My buddy Mary clued us in on these and they are awesome.  I’m stalking my mail!!

5.  We are planning a trip back to Louisiana and I’m sooooo excited about it.  Our first one since moving to Austin.  There will be lots of time visiting family, celebrating birthdays and even a beach trip.  Can’t wait!

6.   I’m struggling with nap time at our house.  Well, just having 3 kids going in 3 opposite directions is tough.  Taryn and Teagan are both good nappers, which I’m thankful for, because Ty wasn’t.  He never slept and gave up naps for good, much to my despair, at the age of 2.  Yeah, not fun.  Anyway, it’s always worked out great that Taryn takes a nice long nap in the afternoons since I have to be home to get Ty off the bus anyway.  It works for us.  I could run errands and be out of the house in the mornings.  Mr. Teagan has decided he only likes long naps in the mornings.  So, what’s a mom to do?  Fight it!  But he could care less what works for me.  Hmmm, looks like gas prices won’t be the only thing keeping us close to home this summer.

7.  Ty has a HUGE surprise coming his way for his birthday.  Not just BIG, its HUGE.  Can’t tell just yet…..bwahaha…..I love secrets!

8.  I’ve got some really fun photography stuff coming up!  First, I get to photograph Ms. Lily who is celebrating being 18 months old later this week.  Then this weekend I get to photograph Ms. Meredith’s 2nd birthday party.  Then I agreed to do some commercial work for a clothing line, I can’t wait to get started in the next few weeks, super cute stuff!  Also in the works is a fun group trash the dress project with some local friends and group of photographers, I can’t wait for this.  Totally out of my comfort zone but it’s gonna be really cool!  Add to that the mentoring I just started doing and the sessions I’ve booked for the next few months, a few maternity, a few babies and a few families, and the old 5D is about to get a good workout!

9.  I have all these great Father’s Day shots in my head I want to capture with Jase and the kids.  Would someone please ask my husband to cooperate, cause I’m not sure he’s gonna be up for what I have in mind?  Do y’all watch Friends?  You know the one where Monica and Chandler go to have their engagement photos taken and Chandler makes the scary face for the camera?  That’s Jase.  He tries, but bless his heart, he’s a Chandler.

10.  Taryn now speaks more Spanish than I can understand.  When she does, I don’t know what the heck she’s talking about.  It’s crazy.  I’m going to have to start studying in order to understand my kid!

Whew….made it through!  Thanks for stopping in =)