1.  I caught this the other day when I arrived at this location a little early.

2.  This is amazing.  Anne shared this with me and it says so much.  He articulates so much about how I feel about photography.  Seeing not just the light, but the light in people.  Finding yourself in your work, recognizing your vision, being open, seeing and embracing what is around you instead of trying to make it perfect, giving of yourself and celebrating what is right.  It’s 20 minutes long, but by far the best 20 minutes I’ve spent on the web in quite a while.  Worth it.

3.  I love this.

4.  We’ve been having a lot of this lately….he cut two teeth yesterday….finally!

5.  I’m hoping for more of this…

6.  I think Jase and I are finally starting to recover from ‘hurricane katrina rebuild fatigue’.  We’ve been dreaming up plans for our house, talking colors and layouts and ideas and it feels good.  Natural again.  Everything we have done to our house up until the playroom has felt forced, necessary.  We’re easing back into because we want to.  Did you know that we had redone almost every room in our old house before the storm ate it?  It’s been a part of us to design and build and create in our home since we first met.  After rebuilding post katrina, we were burnt out.  Our new house still feels like a cookie cutter house and it doesn’t fit us.  I’ve missed our projects and collaborating.  I’m glad it’s back.

7.  I’m really, really excited about my session tomorrow night.  It’ll have a funny story.  Promise.

8.  Jase was responsible for this.  That’s one way to do it.

9.  He’s been doing a lot of this.  It makes me laugh every time.  Which makes him laugh.  Upside down.  It’s pretty funny.

10. Special offer announcement coming soon!!