1.  Alright, my little blog break is officially over.  I’m back!  So here we go…..

2.  In spite of my last two blog posts, I do actually feed my child things other than cupcakes and cake.  Swear.

3.  My mom’s visit was great, it was so nice to have her here for Teagan’s birthday.  Of course, it ended too soon.  I am so, so happy to report that Teagan has seen the light and has fallen totally in love with the gee.  As in, go right to her, climb up in her lap, big wet smoochies and hugs, in love.  Finally.

4.  I haven’t had a chance to really dive in to Teagan’s birthday photos yet….after taking a few days off I need to catch up on biz stuff first, but here is one shot of a few of the details for his big day.

More coming soon =)

5.  Teagan got a wagon for his birthday.  He instantly fell in love with it too.  I think this might be my new favorite photo.  He has the sweetest little face and I just turn to mush over the way he is looking up at his daddy.  I feel the same way about him buddy, the same way.

6.  come on mom, whatchawaitinfor???

7.  So in January, I thought about doing OPAM (One Project A Month).  I was kind of afraid to commit out of fear of failing but since I managed to accomplish both January and February…I guess I’ll go ahead and put it out there.  My goal is one project per month in our house, big or small.  So far I only have a few months of ideas, so we’ll see where it goes.  January was the playroom, that was a biggie.  Febuary, a small wall leading into our kitchen.  It has high visibility from the living room and I just couldn’t stand the prints hanging there anymore.  My idea was to make it a hub of sorts.  It includes a place for the mail (we are horrible at paper management in our house), keys, two fabric covered cork boards, an 11×17 calendar to track stuff for the kids, two gallery wraps (images by Michele – love them!) and one large wood letter S.  Once Teagan is done with the highchair my plan is to find 3 hanging baskets to line the bottom of the arrangement.  I am constantly picking up little things for all three kids (lipgloss, star wars figurines, toys, etc) and delivering them to their rooms.  If I had a basket for each one, I could just throw little things in there and empty them once a day.  That would rock.

My March OPAM is a boring one….our master bathroom closet.  But it needs help, big help.

8.  In one of these images he’s looking at me.  And the other one he is looking at Ty.  I’m just going to pretend it was the other way around lol…..he loves that bahbah

9.  I took some video at Teagan’s birthday, if I can figure out how to get it uploaded, I’ll post it this week.  Fun stuff!

10.  Total snapshot, weird color and it’s not even close to being in focus, but it cracks me up every time I look at it.  Funny, funny girl!

Happy Tuesday!