1.  10 on Tuesday = late, but hey, that’s just how this week is rolling.

2.  We bought a new to us car minivan Monday night.  I never ever ever ever ever ever thought I’d see the day that my husband would own a minivan.  But that day is here and dare I say whisper ::::he loves it too::::  It makes sense for our family.

3.  I think it’s pretty funny that instead of a “Swaggerwagon”, Jase calls ours a “Slackerwagon”.

4.  Taryn, however, calls it “The TV Car”.   The first time she got in it she was giddy with a side of evil laugh.

5.  Speaking of Little T…..Becky came over and watched my monkeys while I was off photographing a birth, thanks for swooping in to save the day Beck!  My kids absolutely love “a-becky” days!  I’m always a little nervous when we leave Taryn, you just never know what she’s going to say or do.  There is almost always something cringe worthy.  Word on the street is she was quite entertaining.  Just remember Beck, only about half of what she says is true.  Yeah, yeah, we’ll go with that….

6.  Poor Becky, my house was TRASHED when I called her today….B.A.D.  With the car buying stuff and our stupid dishwasher broken, it looks like this:

Just keeping it real here folks.  Anyone want to post a pic of their mess and share it to help me feel better?

7.  Now that you’ve seen my horrid kitchen disaster, I really should be cleaning it.  Especially since I rock/paper/scissored having to go to the grocery store with Jase at 11 pm and won!  Hmmmm, maybe I didn’t “win”….he’s out driving the slackerwagon and I’m stuck at home with a mountain of dishes.  Ok, technically I’m ignoring said mountain and slacking by blogging instead….but whatever.

8.  #7 makes me realize our new vehicle is appropriately named.  My husband is brilliant.

9.  MC went dark for lent.  I miss her.  She is a stronger woman than I.  But I bet her house is clean.  How many days until Easter?

10.  Instead of 10 on Tuesday, I should be blogging sessions and pics of the kids and a ton of other things, I have lots to come share!