1.  There are little people in my house.  Lots and lots of little people.  Little people resembling Taryn & Lily…..


I’m not sure which one has the bedhead, it could really go either way.  The third eye in the middle is actually the nose in case you were wondering.  Magic Erasers are my friend.

2.  Ty was pretty excited a few weeks ago to go to his first UT football game.  And by excited, I meen e.x.c.i.t.e.d!  I bought him a little disposable camera to put in his pocket.  I can only imagine what is on it….when I asked he said he took photos of his food, the 54 oz drink his dad bought him (why?!?) and the jumbotron LOL!  Anyway, I’ve been carrying around that little orange camera in my purse for a few weeks and one day Taryn was sitting next to me while I was writing out some checks and said “what is that?”  I told her what it was and that I needed to “bring it in and get the photos developed” she asked me if they were going to “come sit on our couch and proof them”…..hehehe……funny kid, I’ve ruined them!

3.  The kids wrote letters to Santa the other night.  For the first year, Taryn wrote hers by herself.  She was proud.

taryn_letterIt says “Dear Santa, What I Want For Christmas Is A Talking Buzz…something something something (it’s mean to say with a moving helmet), Taryn.   And then a picture of herself so he’ll know who she is.  No please or thank you…but I’m proud of her.  Big girl.

4.  Teagan, oh (almost 2), Teagan.  He was ONLY into letter writing if HE got to HOLD the pen.


While I don’t think he full understand the concept of Santa, he did understand we were writing about things we want because he kept saying “more binkies…uhhhhmmmmmm, elmo….uhhhmmmmmmm, buzz!” and tapping his paper.  Yeah, that pretty much sums up his list!

5.  Jason got a call from one of the network directors at this office over the weekend because they were doing some maintence on their system.  Apparently they needed his password to do something to his machine.  We were in tears laughing because he had to spell out his password to the director…..t-u-r-d-(“yes sir, d as in dog”)-m-o-n-k-e-y….bwahahahaha!  That’ll teach him!  ((no worries, he has since changed it!)) Classic.

6.  Teagan’s new favorite phrase of the week is “HEY NOW!”

7.  Saturday morning we loaded up and took the kids out to eat breakfast.  A rare treat for us as 1) I’m usually working on weekend mornings and 2) we live so far out by the time we get everyone out of the house and to a restaurant, everyone is cranky and starving.  But we braved it and I’m so glad we did.  It was nice.  After breakfast we did a little shopping and then went to the Christmas tree farm in Salado to get a Christmas tree.  The kids had a great time.  Ty was all about the hot chocolate and picking the perfect tree (he found it too!).   Taryn was all about the tree swing and the hay ride.  Teagan was all about running from us and hiding in the trees.  And the popcorn. I don’t even think he noticed we were ON a hayride as he shoved popcorn in his mouth.


Taryn looks good.  Doesn’t she look good?  I was looking at some photos I never posted from August, when things were really bad before her surgery and she was so thin.  We haven’t seen her look this healthy in a long, long time.  Healthy rocks.

8.  Well, it’s official.  We know where this weirdness came from.


9.  After our tree was decorated I wanted a photo of the kids, all snuggled up, looking sweet in their pj’s in front of it.  Instead I got this:


10.  Awesome.