1. I did three photo sessions with Teagan trying to get the perfect birthday invitation photo only to end up using a snapshot.  Go figure.  Ah well, it’s done and sent to the printer.  Happy about that.  I’ll share after his party.

2.  One of those photo sessions included the 1 year old right of passage.  He totally dug it.  It was awesome.

3.  An outtake at the end, he looks so tickled with himself doesn’t he?  The end involved throwing of the cake….his party should be interesting LOL!

4.  This shot cracks me up.  Sing it with me…..”one of these things is not like the other, one of these things just isn’t the same….”  Can you guess which one is 4 yers old?

5.    I need some cool, modern fabric for a project that I’m working on….does anyone have any recommendations for a good place to look?  Either online or local?

6.  One of my friends brought me this petti to borrow, uhm, score!  I’m too cheap to buy them and oh my I’m in love with it.  T loved it even though she didn’t want to have her picture taken in this moment.  I’m not normally a texture girl but I had fun playing with these for something a little different.

7.  Every time I pick Teagan out of his crib after naptime he gives me a big wet sloppy kiss on my cheek.  Just to say “Oh Mom, I’m so happy to see you”.  I just love it.

8.  He’s also walking really well with his walker.  We have this one from when Taryn was little and he just loves it.  He’s all over the place!

9.  It’s time to do a little birthday shopping….anyone care to share your favorite one year old birthday gifts??

10. I’m off to watch the inauguration until the little dude wakes up from his nap!

Have a great Tuesday!