1.  I haven’t done a good old fashioned 10 on Tuesday Thursday in ages.  Feels good.  I miss blogging and really kinda over facebook.  I think I need to refocus.

2.  We celebrated Ty’s 17th birthday on June 7th.  17.  Can you believe it?  time has just flown by…. teen_senior_photographer_austin_texas

3.  Ty had an amazing opportunity to attend a month long camp here in Texas.  I’m so excited for him, but we are all missing him like crazy.  This particular camp is christian based and focuses on a Godly transition from boy to man.  He’s going to be learning so many wonderful things.  He’ll spend a lot of time in prayer, journaling scripture, handling finances, home repairs like electrical and plumbing work, vehicle repair, CPR and rescue skills all with a side of outdoor play, canoeing, swimming, camping and fun.  I’m so excited for him.  A month is so long.  It’s a current toss up on who asks for him more, Maggie or Jonah.  I’ve heard “where Ty?!?” out of Jonah so many times and Mags is a big old mopey pup without him.  She follows me around, plops down and huffs all day long.  Very dramatic.

4.  We are in the process of purging at our house.  Specifically our garage so that we can put in a home gym.  I’m so excited but man is it a job.  Our garage is a huge mess.  Our neighbors asked if we were moving away lol.  I might get brave and post a before and after pic when it’s finished.  We were lucky enough to score a free weight machine last year and then we found someone who was open to bartering their gym quality elliptical machine for pics.  Total win/win for us and I’m so excited about being able to exercise at home on the same equipment I’d be using at our Gold’s Gym.  Our garage is going to look so much better too.  We are in the process of painting and adding new shelving and a work bench.  Can’t wait to get it done!  Jase just finished our over the garage door storage area.

5.  We hired a new mother’s helper.  She started this week and my kids love her.  She comes and plays and wrangles and chases so I can get stuff done.  We love Ms. Meghan!

6.  We scored a super cute metal bed frame for Taryn’s room.  My plan is to take a few cans of pink spray paint to it and finally finish Taryn’s room.  Just in time for my mom to come visit and stay in there too.  She’ll be here next week and I pumped to see her.

7.  As I was writing #6 Jonah just got out of bed, walked out to the living room, climbed up and gave me a huge squeeze hug around my neck and buried his head in my neck.  I carried him back to bed and he hugged me the whole way.  Sweet baby.  He never gets out of bed and that was just the sweetest.

8.  Did you see the video I posted of Jason doing a tutorial on the fastest way to peel a hard boiled egg?  It rocked my world.

9.  This kid…he loves to be outside.  He lives for it.  Go outside, even for one second, without him….END OF THE WORLD.


10.  Want to hang out with other parents who are Raising Foodies?  Come join our FB group!  You’ll find lots of great ideas for raising foodies and living a healthy, more natural, lifestyle.  I just posted this favorite recipe this week.  Organic chicken cut in strips, sautéed in ghee, garlic and herbamare. You can add red peppers too. I then add 1-2 cups of organic red pepper hummus from costco and a splash of almond milk to make a creamy sauce. I serve over quinoa with a side of steamed broccoli. Super fast and easy.